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Our company was established in 2016, with a focus on importing and selling glass products in the Colorado market and surrounding states. The company's founder learned about water pipes and the glass industry from his customers and decided to start a manufacturing plant in India in 2018. The plant currently has 40 glass blowers and 9 management staff members.

Our Vision:

Our company prioritizes function and quality over appearance when it comes to designing and manufacturing glass products. Our goal is to create pieces that provide a pure smoking experience and leave the user fully satisfied, rather than focusing on making them look flashy or funky but unusable. This focus on perfection in function is intended to provide a high level of satisfaction for smokers, great markups for our sellers and years of enjoyment for the end user. 




Higher Margins For Stores :

Our company is involved in all aspects of the production process, from start to finish. We produce and import your own glass tubes, which helps us control costs and maintain a high level of quality. We also supply our products directly to stores, which allows them to have a better margin while still keeping their customers happy and coming back. This approach helps to support the business of everyone involved, from producers to retailers.


We are committed to ensuring that all parties involved in the sale and use of our products, including partners, buyers, and the final consumer, are satisfied with their experience. This includes the quality and functionality of our pipes and other accessories.